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Jesus came to set captives free from the bondage of sin.

If you are His child, He has given you everything you need to gain freedom from the power of lust and to walk closely with Him.

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I encourage you also to read any of the blog posts that may catch your eye. The majority of these smaller, pointed articles were prayerfully and carefully crafted over a three year period some years ago.  Among them are real life stories from those who are living in victory. I am indebted to a good friend who skillfully matched these posts to fitting-often gripping-graphics.

In addition, by going to the Amazon book page page you can read the Foreword, Introduction and first chapter of the book Overcoming Lust. The new Spanish version is also available (see español).

It is a continuing blessing to hear from the many, from all over the world, who have seen their lives transformed as they have begun to gain victory in their lives. If this includes you, we would love to hear from you. Here are some of the messages received from readers via this website.

May God transform you, empower you and fill you with His peace and hope!