Book Endorsements

The following endorsements are for the book Overcoming Lust:


  • Dr. Kelly O’Donnell– CEO/Consulting Psychologist, Member Care Associates Inc.
  • Mike Yorkey-Author, Editor, Speaker,  Co-Author of Every Man’s Battle
  • Pastor Jeff Jackson-Director of Church Relations and Missionary Care,  Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators.
  • Pastor Pat Kenney -Western Regional Mission’s Pastor, Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators,, Founding Pastor of Escondido Calvary Chapel, Now Cross Connection Fellowship,
  • Pastor Paul Grimes-Director Mission Connection, Inc,
  • Pastor Scott Koop –  Southern California pastor for over 20 years, conference/retreat speaker and founder of Cyber Family Network and This Generation Ministries.
  • Margaret Nelson –  Long time Missionary in Uganda.
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