December 2012

Lust for Dummies

As I was launching this website, a friend with a lot of expertise in this area advised me to fish around for a better name than Overcoming Lust. She thought that Overcoming Lust was too in-your-face and unimaginative.  It did not resonate or create an emotional response. She was likely correct. Others who write about this [...]

Is Your “Life Changing?”

Earlier this year, I received an encouraging email from a reader of the book Overcoming Lust.  He identified himself as DP.   Here is what he wrote: Jim, just finished your book…life changing. As I have started paying attention to the ongoing thought activity in my mind, I am overwhelmed by the volume that is lustful [...]

“Sexual Purity”– What is that?

You are sexually pure when… Google “sexual purity” and you will find plenty of books and articles telling you how to work towards it. Similarly, many organizations and ministries also include “sexual purity” or “purity” in their missions’ statements. Generally lacking, however, in these efforts is a clear explanation of what sexual purity means or what [...]