December 2013

“Useless and Unproductive”

“Useless and Unproductive” What is it that causes a Christian to be “useless and unproductive?” You know the type—going through the motions, claiming faith, but not growing in the faith.  This tragic outcome happens in those who fail to overcome persistent sin in their lives.  Their failure causes them to be knocked to the curb.  They [...]

Overcoming Lust as a Buddhist

Overcoming Lust as a Buddhist A goal of Buddhism is to “renounce” or overcome lust.  So much so, that the most fervent Buddhists live as celibate monks.  Their hope is to eventually enter Nirvana, a state where they expect to “extinguish all desires”—not just lust. My quotes in this post come from a wonderfully insightful [...]