June 2013

Emailing a Sexaholic – Part 2

Emailing a Sexaholic—Part 2 Last week I shared about some emails between Matthew, who is a part of Sexaholics Anonymous, and me.  Go here to read the earlier post and here for the email exchange. The Gospel message is one of transformation, not recovery. Here are some additional observations that relate to this dialogue: Defining [...]

Emailing a Sexaholic

Emailing a Sexaholic Over the last few months, I have been emailing Matthew, a self-identified sexaholic.  He is also a committed Christian who is progressively gaining victory over lust. Lust is the problem—not the many harmful behaviors that it brings with it. Matthew is part of Sexaholics Anonymous (SA), a twelve step recovery program. Earlier [...]

Teach Your Children Well

Are you teaching your children how to overcome lust?  Shouldn’t every young person be equipped to do this? Sadly, as a child, I did not receive such training.  Even worse, I did not provide such instruction to my children either. Though modeling and prayer are great—they are not enough. Some time ago, I was challenged [...]

“My Joy”

Lust and joy do not go together. Although lust provides pleasure “for a season,” (Hebrews 11:25), it never leads to joy. If you are not experiencing joy in your life, you need to find out where you are not being obedient to Jesus. Joy is not the same as pleasure or happiness that we generate. It [...]