August 2013

Masturbating–A Tool to Combat Lust?

Masturbation is a confusing, controversial subject for Christians.  Recently, seven different Christian writers were invited to weigh in on the subject.  The responses were all over the map.   Some spoke against it and some thought it was OK. Our problem right now is that we can no longer dismiss masturbation as a somewhat harmless activity. [...]

A Contrarian Optimist

A Contrarian Optimist This is another post relating to George Gilder’s encouraging explanation of how economies work–described as “A New Economics.”  I will try to show how his positive ideas about economics suggest a helpful way to look at overcoming lust as well. I suppose that makes me a contrarian optimist as well. Gilder’s Insight [...]

Knowledge and Power

Technological knowledge is increasing I am reading George Gilder’s latest book, Knowledge and Power: the Information Theory of Capitalism and How It Is Revolutionizing our World.   It is a challenging and important book.  I would start with this review if you want to learn more about it. Gilder’s work is an antidote for the economic [...]