July 2013

Expulsive Power

Expulsive Power Wouldn’t you love to have “Expulsive Power” when it comes to lust?  It sounds like a Madison Avenue slogan that could be applied to a laundry detergent or drain cleaner. The phrase, “expulsive power” comes from the sermon—The Expulsive Power of a New Affection—written by the Scottish preacher Thomas Chalmers (1780-1840).  Jared, a reader [...]

Jared’s Story

Jared (not his real name) is a long-time Christian and pastor.  He is also a regular reader of this blog. ….his occasional dabbling with pornography got out of hand. Last week Jared called me and shared a story from his life. It is a cautionary tale and he is hoping others will learn from his [...]

The Greatest Enemy

The Greatest Enemy “Partial obedience is the greatest enemy of obedience.”  Charles Stanley made this comment in a sermon recently, flashing this phrase on the television screen, so it could be remembered. God is not asking you to do the impossible. You may not think that this truth—when it comes to lust—applies to you, especially if [...]