David, in Psalm 51, after confessing his dreadful sin, begged to get right with God and included this promise: “Then I will teach transgressors Your ways and sinners shall be converted to You.” (v.13)  I feel this same urgency and am blessed to see God work in so many lives. 

Here are some messages received from readers via this website:

Thanks for this soul searching book. Am greatly blessed by it.  God bless you. (molamiluyi)

I want to thank you for your words on Fourteen Weapons for Overcoming Lust. I have been a captive for most of my life but am now on the path to freedom. The Lord is so gracious and the Spirit clearly influenced your writing. Thank you. (Rick)

Thank you so much for taking on this serious issue . While my marriage has paid the price for my wrong behavior. I am dealing with my sin to be transformed one day at a time. Thanks so much.  Your book has helped me a lot. In the next version , I would like to see Samson be used as an example of lust, we have so much to learn for his story and what not to do. (E.J.)

Thank you very much for your articles. They have been an inspiration and encouragement to my spiritual growth everyday as I live to overcome every forms of lustful desires. May our Lord and Saviour continue to give you wisdom and knowledge to write more interesting and encouraging articles.  God Bless. Vinaka ( In Fijian means ” Thank You”) (Tusa)

I’m newly re-married 3 years, 59 years old. My beloved wife through truth in love has pointed out my blatant lustful eye. I’ve read your website articles and you are spot on.  My sin is deeply rooted as you have described. I feel My wife is expecting a miracle overnight. When will that outward appearance be apparent, if ever? Obviously, in God”s time. (Ron)

thank you so much, i’ve been helped a lot…….may God bless you. (Meishak)

Thank you for this message. I came across your site looking for more information regarding the EMB workshop. Here’s my back story: My husband and I are both saved and have been married now for three years. A year ago, he left for job training and has been away from home since, with an occasional visit here or there, but mine really lasting longer than a few days. In my husband’s absence I had to raise our newborn son while dealing with PPD. my husband struggled with lust during his college years, so he was very adamant about being held accountable. We had various types of software/apps to not only prevent him from seeing certain things, but also to inform me when he may have crossed that line. The accountability app sends a weekly report that I  (or his accountability partner) can check via email, but because I was consumed with the baby and my own issues I never really checked it. However, when I did I began to see how this was a major problem for him. There may have been four  occasions where I’ve confronted him since then about viewing scantily clad women or inappropriate content online. It caused a major issue in our marriage to say the least. I referred him to my mentor’s husband who is a Pastor and has an established relationship with my husband. Their weekly chats seem to be helpful and I think it’s good that my husband has a male figure to help keep him accountable. My husband came across the EMB books and really thinks that they are helpful. He found out about the workshop through the books and registered to attend next month. Well, he presented it to me and I know that he wanted/ needed my support and affirmation, but honestly I couldn’t see past the registration cost. We are a younger couple that aren’t very established. I’m a stay at home mom and he’s very new at his job, so it isn’t ideal for our financial situation. I feel bad because I know that though he’s taking this step for himself, a large part of that is so that it’ll be the right step towards healing our marriage. I definitely appreciate his sacrifice and efforts, but I just did not have peace about this workshop. I came across this article and it has spoken to my apprehensionsnapchat. In my husband’s healing process, I want every bit of it to be biblically based from a biblically sound and knowledgeable perspective. Thank you for sharing your experience!  (Sophia)  NOTE: this was in response to an article that includes criticism of the EMB workshops.

If I were to use your book for a 10 week study, what chapters would you recommend? I would encourage the group to read the whole book, but would require  just 10 chapters or so.  (Dan) Part of my response: You may want to read the article https://www.overcoming-lust.com/articles/churchs-approach-teaching-purity/ to see the chapters one church picked.  Each time they do this workshop, they mix it up a bit. Thanks Jim for your help & prayers. We are in the process of praying over this for a couple of our churches. A small group of us from 5 different churches are going through it right now, but we sometimes miss a couple weeks, so going through the whole book is taking way more than 20 weeks. God is using this book in our lives. Will keep you posted. (Dan)

I really appreciate your passion for transforming lives with a  writing word,  may God continue to fill your life with more of His power and anointing.  stay bless (Jubril)

Wow. GOD bless you for this.  I have been a born again Christian fir a long time but I have been with lust. It was just there as if it can never leave. Now I stand on the finished works of Christ I am seated with him. I live a victorious life over the sin of lust. I now know that sexual desires are normal but lust will bring this desire into fulfilment.  Thank you Jesus (Uwanui)

Thank you for the first honest and helpful book regarding this issue that I came across after a long long search. It inspires me to see at last that there is hope – it is Christ that will do the real healing as I take the first steps. (Laurens)