Teach Your Children Well

Are you teaching your children how to overcome lust?  Shouldn’t every young person be equipped to do this?

Sadly, as a child, I did not receive such training.  Even worse, I did not provide such instruction to my children either.

Though modeling and prayer are great—they are not enough.

Some time ago, I was challenged to translate what I know to be true about lust in a way that would speak to children.

I don’t write well for children.  It is not my gift.  However, the first few chapters of Proverbs inspire me and show a way to do it.  These chapters also demonstrate that we must not shy away from speaking directly and clearly with our children about godly sexuality and sexual sin.  They need to know.

And so, I offer to you a poem.  It is called,  My Son, My Daughter—Do Not Lust.

It follows in the footsteps of Proverbs—a father talking to his son.   There are four parts.  Here is a taste of each:

My Son, My Daughter

Why not follow?
Why not obey the Master’s call?
Why slide deeply into slick sin?
Why leave the path
step from the solid rock
descend into the slippery pit?

My Son

Lust calls to him—
he can’t refuse.
It’s bound him tight
has made him small.
See how he runs—
he cannot wait—
pours out his strength
empties his life
for those who hate his soul.

My Daughter

Stare deeply into the mirror.
That which you see is just a shell.
This is not what your Father sees.
He pierces deep inside
searching your heart
probing your mind,
testing your love.

My Children

Do not let lust reign in your heart.
It is a sin and not for you.
Trade not diamonds for glass
or cast your life away.
For lust will twist your mind
and seize your strength
contort your soul
and rob your peace
make you a fool
turn you away from God.

Read the whole thing here.

The French poet, Paul Valery, nailed it when he wrote, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.”  So true— I keep tweaking what I wrote.  I also welcome your help in making it better if you have ideas.

Of course, teaching your children how to overcome lust is more than offering advice.  It is a three legged stool:

Modeling    Your children need to see sexual purity demonstrated by you.  Are you living a life that is pure before God and your children?

Prayer   Our hearts should be broken before God as we pray for our children.  Dare we launch them into this wicked world without fervently praying that they remain sexually pure?

Instruction.  Though modeling and prayer are great—they are not enough.  I challenge you to step up, get real and speak truth.


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