Chuck and Patti’s Story

Chuck and Patti’s story is one of failure and wonderful redemption. 


Chuck is a long time Christian and a part of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley (CCCV) who has travelled a road somewhat like the one I have travelled.

Like me, he had a new Christian bride.  Patti hoped and expected that together they could build a solid, Christian family.  Before this she had come out of a messy, abusive marriage and was looking forward to a blessed, God centered future with Chuck.

Chuck, though a long time believer, had come through a tough time as well.  His earlier marriage had also fallen apart.  Left with three children and full of bitterness he escaped by diving deeply into the world of sexual sin.

Before he met Patti, this was somewhat under control.

Then disaster struck.  Chuck could not give up his sin.  His use of pornography was exposed and his new marriage was thrown on the rocks.  This is not what Patti expected.  Rationales and excuses did not make a bit of difference.


The threat of another failed marriage proved to be a turning point.  Chuck needed to overcome his sin and somehow regain Patti’s trust.  Through God’s grace all this happened and more.  Chuck’s victory over lust—not just over pornography use—caused him to become a leader in CCCV’s men’s ministry and to help others who were struggling as he had.

This miraculous type of transformation takes time.  It is God wondrously working in us as we obediently turn from our sin and place our trust in Him.

Helping others

Chuck’s victory over sin has motivated him to help others.  He has helped organize a ten week sexual purity study that CCCV provides twice a year.   A few weeks ago, over thirty men signed up for another study.  They are working their way through the book Overcoming Lust and becoming accountable. Through this, more than a few are entering the narrow road that leads to victory.

More good news:  Patti is leading a parallel study for hurting women including those whose husbands or sons are in the men’s sexual purity study.

These studies are going well.  Men are learning to overcome lust and wives and moms are learning how to deal with the damage and to also walk closer with God.  God is good and faithful.

Here is what you can take away from Chuck and Patti’s story:

  1. God’s grace is sufficient and unending. There is hope no matter how or when you fall.
  2. You can help others in an effective way.  Chuck has graciously made available an outline of what CCCV is doing.  You can create something like it in your church, offering hope to those who are struggling with sexual sin.  They need to learn how they “ought to walk and to please God.” This is “the will of God” (1 Thessalonians 4:1-5).
  3. Pray for this brave group of men and women who are determined that sin will not gain victory in their lives and families.

Thank you, Chuck and Patti, for sharing your encouraging story.  May God bless you and the team at CCCV as you effectively help others overcome lust and the damage it brings with it.

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