Spiritual ED

We are “wired for intimacy,” as a book written by William Struthers (see my last post) explains thoroughly.  God made us so that a husband and wife can bond with each other through chemical, neurological and emotional means that are breathtakingly wondrous.

However—like in every part of life—sin plays havoc with God’s design.  It scrambles the wiring.

Pornography can cause ED

Struthers’ book points especially to the dangers of pornography and the way it can become extremely habit forming and harmful.  He is not alone in sounding the alarm about this. In fact, A TED Talk viewed by millions and a related website have pushed this truth into the mainstream.

The most alarming recent realization is that when men give themselves over to internet pornography, eventually their plumbing stops working.  Not only are they no longer able to enjoy conventional sex but even porn use fails them.  It turns out that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in healthy men because of porn use is becoming a serious public health issue.

“Rebooting” to get better

The prescribed cure for pornography induced ED is to “reboot.”  Completely abstaining from all use of porn and masturbation eventually allows men to regain their powers in most cases.

Spiritual ED

Pornography induced ED is a tangible and highly visible example of the corruption and decay that lust brings into our lives (2 Peter 1:4).

Lust destroys.   It is adultery in the heart, as Jesus taught.  As such, it obliterates the intimacy that God designed for us to have when we are married.  Even more seriously—in the life of a believer—it kills our fellowship with God, our joy, our peace and our spiritual vitality.

For that reason, I suggest that ED can serve as a good—is it too crass?—metaphor for the weakness in the lives of Christians who do not overcome lust.  They are suffering from spiritual ED. Their powerlessness and hopelessness is the direct result of their being overwhelmed by this destructive life-dominating sin.

If you are suffering from spiritual ED because of lust, the cure for you is the same one prescribed for those suffering from internet porn induced ED—complete abstinence.

To get well spiritually you need to repent, obey and begin overcoming lust.  Your goal must be to put lust to death and to make no provision for it at all.  As you walk in the Spirit you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

The word picture that Jesus used to describe the same situation as Spiritual ED was of the seeds sown in the weeds, choked by lust and other sins (Luke 8:14).  If you let lust overwhelm you, you will not become a mature or productive follower of Jesus.  You will lose your power just like those who suffer from ED lose their power by not acting as they should.

Note: If this idea of gaining victory over lust seems foreign to you or unrealistic, I encourage you to read the articles available on this website that explain lust and how to overcome it.

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