IRS Scandal and Lust

IRS Scandal and Lust

What do these two things have to do with each other?

First, consider the scandal:

  • As a CPA, I deal often with the IRS, taxpayers and exempt organizations. The revelations about current IRS malfeasance make me furious.
  • Knowing that the IRS treats some citizens worse than others—solely because of their political      persuasion—makes me think that we are entering banana republic status.
  • To have a leader of this outrage smugly declare that “I have done nothing wrong” and thereafter plead the Fifth Amendment, confident that she is untouchable, makes my blood boil.

Not everyone feels this anger even though they may believe that wrong is being done.

  • Perhaps they suffer from “Outrage Fatigue.”  With so many negative things out there it seems pointless or impossible to stay worked up.
  • Even worse they may be at a point where they consider outrageous activity to be acceptable or      unavoidable.  Evil becomes ho-hum.  They develop a “blind eye” toward it.

Your attitude toward lust can be just like this.

How do you react to lust in your life?

Does it disturb and trouble you or have you developed indifference towards it?  Have you resigned yourself to it being a permanent part of your life?

That is about where I ended up at one time—allowing incrementally more and more lust to enter my life over the years.   Jesus used thorn bushes to illustrate lust (Luke 8:14).  Like thorns, lust—left to flourish—will keep growing and gaining strength.  It will make you ineffective and unfruitful.

That was my story.  Thankfully, I never became a porn addict or entered into an illicit relationship.  However, I continue to be amazed by how much sin that I made room for.

To protect yourself from this process of allowing more and more lust in your life, you need to know where to draw the line.

This line is at the very earliest stage of lust—the point where you face the opportunity to take a wrongful thought or desire and use it to generate an “illicit sexual buzz.”  This buzz is lust—the “adultery in the heart” that Jesus denounced.  Here is more information about this if this does not make sense to you.

Striking the right balance

We live in a time when evil seems ascendant.  The ethics and morality of our leaders are cratering.  Nevertheless, we are instructed not to let our hearts be troubled and not to be anxious.  We must strive to be obedient in this.

On the other hand, if there is lust in your life, you must not minimize it.  It is not “out there”—it strikes directly at your heart.

Overcoming lust remains a passion.  By God’s grace I will continue in this and also continue in encouraging you and others to do the same.

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