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Bob Coy, Mercy and Truth

My last post was prompted by the Bob Coy sexual scandal—an epic “blow up” that affected many. Sadly, “blow ups” of this type are not as rare as they should be among Christians.  They happen when a man is unable to mask the lust brewing in his heart.  His sin is exposed and he reaps what [...]

Bob Coy: Moral Failure?

The lives of many were rocked by the recent news that Bob Coy, founder and former pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale—a bourgeoning mega-church—stepped down because of a sexual scandal. The reason for his doing so was described as “moral failure.”  Sadly, sordid details including adultery and a longstanding pornography habit have also emerged. If Bob Coy [...]

Chuck and Patti’s Story

Chuck and Patti’s story is one of failure and wonderful redemption.  Failure Chuck is a long time Christian and a part of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley (CCCV) who has travelled a road somewhat like the one I have travelled. Like me, he had a new Christian bride.  Patti hoped and expected that together they could [...]

Spiritual ED

We are “wired for intimacy,” as a book written by William Struthers (see my last post) explains thoroughly.  God made us so that a husband and wife can bond with each other through chemical, neurological and emotional means that are breathtakingly wondrous. However—like in every part of life—sin plays havoc with God’s design.  It scrambles [...]

Wired for Intimacy

Wired for Intimacy “Wired for Intimacy” is a fascinating book written by William Struthers, a noted Christian neuroscientist who teaches at Wheaton College. Struthers explains how the male brain reacts to and is changed by entering into sexual behavior—a dazzling and intricate process. God’s Plan I love the title, Wired for Intimacy. It evocatively describes [...]

Can We Make Lust Taboo?

Can we make lust taboo?  A taboo is something that is vehemently “forbidden based on moral judgment and religious beliefs.”  When confronted with a taboo, we do not consider breaking it.  The line is drawn so clearly that we dare not cross it. Incest is a good example.  It is condemned in every culture.  The [...]

Let Go and Let God?

Let Go and Let God? Many groups—including Christians—take the phrase “Let go and let God” to heart.  The idea of getting out of the way and letting God take over is appealing and has a spiritual sound to it.  In that spirit, many people believe that God calls them to surrender with the hope that [...]

Charles Finney: “How to Overcome Sin” How exactly does one overcome sin?  As one who has thought much about this, I always enjoy reading other perspectives. Charles Finney (1792-1875)—the famous revivalist—wrote directly about this issue in an article called “How to Overcome Sin” (see link at the bottom of this page).   His thoughts on this [...]

The War on Porn

The War on Porn Pornography has become increasingly prevalent and available since the early 1950s when Playboy magazine first forced its way into the mainstream. Sadly, those who have opposed the spread of porn during this time have been defeated at every turn.  Efforts to eliminate adult bookstores, adult movie theatres, adult movie rentals and [...]

Not a Wreck

Not a Wreak Seek self-control—proof that you are overcoming lust. Without self-control you have no choice but to be a “slave to sin”—doing what you do not want to do. Self-control is the fourth step in Peter’s eight-step program (2 Peter 1:5-8) for the successful Christian (see prior post).  If you get stuck at this [...]

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