Fourteen Ways to Combat Lust

Are you looking for a magic bullet to overcome lust—one sure-fire approach that will get you past this sin? Unfortunately, life does not work that way for those ensnared by any life-dominating sin—certainly not lust.  Instead, it will require concentrated, determined effort on your part.  Because it is hard, God has given us many tools [...]

Bewildered by Lust

Do you feel like the picture above when confronted by temptations to lust—strongly pulled in two ways—often making the wrong choices?  I can relate.  I was like that—frequently doing what I did not want to do.  (Galatians 5:17) I know now that my anguish came because my approach was wrong.  Instead of directly confronting the [...]

Lust vs. Your Marriage

Is lust a wedge in your marriage—pushing you apart? Does a rebuke along this line—“Quit looking at that girl (or image)!”—sound familiar? If so, how do you answer? I am not doing anything wrong. (denial) Looking is OK, I only love you and am faithful to you. (rationalization) Look at the way she dresses.  She could [...]

Lust for Dummies

As I was launching this website, a friend with a lot of expertise in this area advised me to fish around for a better name than Overcoming Lust. She thought that Overcoming Lust was too in-your-face and unimaginative.  It did not resonate or create an emotional response. She was likely correct. Others who write about this [...]

“Sexual Purity”– What is that?

You are sexually pure when… Google “sexual purity” and you will find plenty of books and articles telling you how to work towards it. Similarly, many organizations and ministries also include “sexual purity” or “purity” in their missions’ statements. Generally lacking, however, in these efforts is a clear explanation of what sexual purity means or what [...]

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