Bible Studies

Were Adam and Eve Set up to Fail?

Were Adam and Eve Set up to Fail? I can’t let go of Genesis 3.  It is such a consuming, pressing story that it squeezes more out of me. Two lessons were highlighted last week from the story of Adam and Eve: 1) We need to be aware of deception and 2) we must carefully [...]

What Was it About Eve?

What was it about Eve? (edited 2/9/13) It may even be that Eve became more desirable, happy, content, clever, or…something—after she ate the fruit.  Clearly Adam wanted what she had. Eve was the first to sin, being misled and deceived by the serpent (Genesis 3). Adam was much easier to pull down.  He joined in [...]

Where is Your Water Going?

Where is Your Water Going? Water is vital to our lives. In an arid country like Israel it is also scarce and precious.  Proverbs 5:15-20 uses water to illustrate the need for sexual purity—warning specifically against promiscuity and adultery. Should your fountains be dispersed….in the streets? Water stands for our sexual activity.  This passage in [...]

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