January 2013

Lust: Like a Robber Barron

What can the story of a medieval robber barron teach us about lust? In the 1300s, the robber barron Dirk Loef van Horne built an impregnable, state of the art fortress called Loevenstein---Loef’s Stone—pictured above. It is near the village of Giessenburgh in South Holland which is where my mother was born. Her sturdy ancestral [...]

Fourteen Ways to Combat Lust

Are you looking for a magic bullet to overcome lust—one sure-fire approach that will get you past this sin? Unfortunately, life does not work that way for those ensnared by any life-dominating sin—certainly not lust.  Instead, it will require concentrated, determined effort on your part.  Because it is hard, God has given us many tools [...]

Bewildered by Lust

Do you feel like the picture above when confronted by temptations to lust—strongly pulled in two ways—often making the wrong choices?  I can relate.  I was like that—frequently doing what I did not want to do.  (Galatians 5:17) I know now that my anguish came because my approach was wrong.  Instead of directly confronting the [...]

Lust vs. Your Marriage

Is lust a wedge in your marriage—pushing you apart? Does a rebuke along this line—“Quit looking at that girl (or image)!”—sound familiar? If so, how do you answer? I am not doing anything wrong. (denial) Looking is OK, I only love you and am faithful to you. (rationalization) Look at the way she dresses.  She could [...]